About Us

Who Are We?

Eastern Adaptive Sports (EAS) is a community where people can come to find fellowship, education, and life enhancement through sport.  EAS is fostered by the idea that people with physical and cognitive challenges can live vibrant, active, healthy lives surrounded by family, friends and community who believe a disability is not a limitation.  It is an opportunity.

Founded and staffed by people who live with and understand the many challenging facets a life with a disability can present.  We are dedicated to seeking individual opportunities to change lives and ensure life driving purpose through sport, education and advocacy.

Based at Squam Lake, NH, Eastern Adaptive Sports is composed of a dedicated group of caring people who value the impact our programs have on all involved, including our local community as well as with our neighbors all along the east coast. EAS is our way of life.

Eastern Adaptive Sports was featured on the New Hampshire Chronicle on Friday, July 22nd.

See the video here: http://www.wmur.com/new-hampshire-chronicle/friday-july-22nd-eastern-adaptive-sports/40767172